Friday, October 16, 2015

EC135 - Fuel Indicator


                      Fuel indications inaccurate. Main fuel tanks sensors removed and cleaned before aircraft returned to service.
                      Main fuel tank indications began to vary to an uncommon amount over two days. The fuel level would differ between 5-10 kilos depending on the altitude of the aircraft in various phases of flight. By the end of my last shift and arriving back at base the main tank fuel level went from 100kg in the main to 64kg whilst taxiing from the runway to the hangar. Throughout all flights over the 2 days the supply tanks indicated full without any change even when the fuel in the main tank became low. In my experience the supply tanks often drop a few kilos then fill back up to capacity. 
                MEL consulted fault entered into the Tech Log and deferred into the Deferred Defects log. Main tank fuel sensors removed and a small quantity of brown sludge like contamination found at the base of 1 sensor. Both sensors cleaned, dried and refitted. Leak checks and fuel indication check carried out during aircraft refuel. Aircraft returned to service.

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