Saturday, November 3, 2012

Check Flights

2.1 Check Flights
a) Check Flight. A post-certification flight carried out as one of the processes to ensure that the aircraft continues to comply with the applicable airworthiness requirements.
b) Elective Check Flight. A Check Flight required by the operator, e.g. to fulfil part of the end of lease conditions.
c) Maintenance Check Flight. A Check Flight carried out after maintenance on an aircraft to provide reassurance of performance or establish the correct functioning of a system that cannot be fully established during ground checks.
d) Mandated Check Flight. A Check Flight mandated by the CAA  mainly associated with the issue of a Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) for used aircraft imported from outside the European Union. The regular Check Flights mandated by the CAA have been discontinued.
2.2 Test Flight. A pre-certification flight, usually carried out by the manufacturer. 
3 Check Flight Schedules
3.1 Mandated Check Flights
3.1.1 For Check Flights mandated by the CAA, the CAA Flight Test Section will be responsible for, and provide, the appropriate Check Flight Schedule (CFS).
                                                                   (Single Pistion Engine 2700Kg)
3.2 Maintenance and Elective Check Flights
3.2.1 For all Maintenance and Elective Check Flights, the operator should provide a detailed CFS specifying and detailing the functions and tests that are to be performed, and the flight conditions that need to be satisfied for each part of the Check Flight. The schedule should include forms to record the required data. The detailed CFS will always be the responsibility of, and under the control of, the operator, agreed with the operator’s CAMO and, where necessary, in liaison with the applicable maintenance organisation. The CAA can provide CFSs for some types
3.2.2 For a Maintenance Check Flight, the CFS will be determined by the functions and tests required by the maintenance organisation in conjunction with the CAMO. It should be noted that maintenance data may specify the functions and tests that need to be performed during Maintenance Check Flights and the flight conditions required to enable the flight to be safely and properly conducted. It is important that the operator ensures that they obtain all relevant information of this type, and that the flight crew who will conduct the flight are provided with the information and briefed accordingly.
3.2.3 For both Elective and Maintenance Check Flights, where only checks for functionality of equipment used by crew during routine operations are required, the schedule may consist of a simple list of checks to be performed, the order of the checks and the required flight conditions. Where the checks require operation outside normal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), elements of the CAA CFS should be used to construct the CFS, with the relevant conditions appertaining.
3.2.4  It is the responsibility of the operator to ensure that the checks and limitations on the CFS are correct for the aircraft under check. The prime source of information is the Aircraft Flight Manual, and in the event of conflict this should be taken as overriding.

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