Sunday, November 4, 2012

Crews Performing Check Flights

                                                                                                               Check flights
                       Acceptability of Crews Performing Check Flights
4.1 A pilot manager should be responsible for Check Flight activities. The operator should maintain a list of eligible pilots and procedures for conducting Check Flights in the Operations Manual. The criteria for nomination as a pilot permitted to conduct check flights should be included.
4.2 The pilot in command of the Check Flight should ensure that the crew is suitable for the task and adequately instructed.
4.3 Mandated Check Flights
4.3.1 For a Mandated Check Flight, the pilot signing the Check Flight Report has to be acceptable to authority.
4.4 Maintenance and Elective Check Flights
4.4.1 The competency of crews performing Maintenance and Elective Check Flights, and the procedures for conducting them, are the responsibility of the operator.
4.4.2 Where the flight is within the operator’s normal SOPs, the operator may declare selected line crews acceptable to conduct the Check Flight, following comprehensive briefings by the responsible flight operations manager. In all other cases the crew should be acceptable to the authority. Authority will determine the instruction required for the pilot in command and will assist with its accomplishment where possible.
4.4.3 The pilot in command should be given such instruction for each individual type for which he is authorised to carry out Check Flights.

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