Friday, November 23, 2012

Pushrod Shroud Spring Retainers, Part No. AEL14995, for Lycoming Engines 320, 360, and 540 Series Engines

      The ECi P/N AEL14995 pushrod shroud spring retainers are a parts manufacturer approval (PMA) replacement for the Lycoming Engines P/N LW-14995 “Shroud Tube Retaining Springs.” FAA has received reports that several of the ECi pushrod shroud spring retainers, P/N AEL14995, have failed. The failure of the spring retainer can cause the push rod tube or shroud to become loose and possibly leak oil. ECi has redesigned the P/N AEL14995 pushrod shroud spring retainers, and the FAA recommends the earlier design made from heat treated carbon steel be removed from service.

Recommendations by FAA

             ECi Service Instruction, SI No.12-1, dated October 29, 2012, shows how to identify the older designed pushrod shroud spring retainers. If your parallel valve Lycoming Engines 320, 360, or 540 series engine was overhauled using an ECi overhaul gasket set that included the AEL14995 pushrod shroud spring retainer, review ECi SI 12-1, “AEL14995 Pushrod Shroud Spring Retainer (Clip).”

Although this airworthiness concern does not warrant mandatory action, if the old design pushrod shroud spring retainers are identified, the FAA recommends replacing the old design pushrod shroud spring retainers with new spring retainers. If the retainer spring is found to be broken or cracked, replace it with an approved part as required by 14 CFR Section 91.405(a).

Pushrod Shroud Spring Retainers, Engine Components Part No. AEL14995, for Lycoming Engines 320, 360, and 540 Series Engines

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