Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beechcraft Flight Controls Inspection

                 FAA SPECIAL AIRWORTHINESS CE-12-36  issued  on subject : Flight Controls: Aileron   Dated  June 19, 2012 
         This SAIB informs owners, operators, and maintenance personnel of Hawker Beechcraft  Bonanza ( all model numbers), Baron, King Air Series and 1900 Airliner and airplanes about the potential issue of improperly installed ailerons. 
                                         FAA has received reports regarding improper aileron installation. Incidents were most recently reported on Beech King Air Model 90 series airplanes. However, the aileron installation is similar all the airplanes referenced in the Introduction section of this SAIB. Hawker Beechcraft Corporation issued a customer communique in September 2003 to advise owners/operators how to mitigate and identify improper aileron installation. In May 2012, Hawker Beechcraft issued a safety communique to address the issue. 
Recommendations : Review of various vintage Hawker Beechcraft Corporation, Raytheon Aircraft and Beech Aircraft  maintenance manuals reveals many models with similar design and slightly different 
installation instructions. The purpose of this SAIB is to inform maintenance personnel of installation and inspection procedures that have been demonstrated successful in installation of and identifying 
proper installation of ailerons. 
                   The FAA recommends operators of these airplanes adopt the procedure identified in Hawker Beechcraft Safety Communique 324 “Improper Aileron Installation”, dated May, 2012. Recent revisions to Hawker Beechcraft Maintenance Manuals have included an additional step to aid in proper aileron installation. This step involves loosely installing two bolts (one bolt in the top and one in the bottom) through each hinge into the nut on the aileron spar, and then, pulling on the aileron to confirm that the bolts are properly installed. The final step is installing the remaining bolts and tighten all bolts. Some older maintenance manuals may say to install the bolts in each hinge bracket and the aileron followed by a “pull check” after the bolts are secured. The “pull check” with loosely installed bolts is preferred and should decrease the chance of improper bolt installation. 


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