Thursday, June 7, 2012

Type examination

 Type examination standard where type training is not required:
The examination must be oral, written or practical assessment based, or a combination thereof. Oral examination questions must be open. 
Written examination questions must be multiple-choice questions.
Practical assessment must determine a person's competence to perform a task. 
Examination subjects must be on a sample of subjects drawn from  type training/examination syllabus, at the indicated level.
The examination must ensure that the following objectives are met:
Properly discuss with confidence the aircraft and its systems.
Ensure safe performance of maintenance, inspections and routine work according to the maintenance manual and other relevant instructions and tasks as appropriate for the type of aircraft, for example troubleshooting, repairs, adjustments, replacements, rigging and functional checks such as engine run, etc, if required. Correctly use all technical literature and documentation for the aircraft. Correctly use specialist/special tooling and test equipment, perform removal and replacement of components and modules unique to type, including any on-wing maintenance activity.
A written report must be made by the examiner to explain why the candidate has passed or failed.

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