Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cleaning of aircraft

                 What is  the importance of keeping aircraft clean. Apart from reducing the incidence of 
surface corrosion, it makes it easier to spot any minor damage, which might lead to further and deeper corrosion,  early. However, we also advise that after washing an aircraft, it is important to ensure that grease and oil necessary for lubrication of moving parts, for example aileron hinges, are not removed, or if they are, that they are immediately replaced. 
              Many Flight Manuals contain advice on recommended cleaning methods, and if that is not the case the Maintenance Manual may well do. However, it is very tempting, to use a proprietary pressure washer, especially if you are attempting to wash off salt water a long way from the nearest  source of fresh. However, by their very design, pressure washers are very likely to remove oil and grease from hinges and leave water behind. We therefore advise not to use pressure washers, but if you do, have the aircraft re-lubricated immediately afterwards. 

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