Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lycoming SI No.1543

LYCOMING SERVICE INSTRUCTION NO.1543                                   DATE: February23,2012

SUBJECT: Notification of Approved Tappet P/N15B26262

MODELS AFFECTED: Engines that used tappet P/N 15B26064

TIME OF COMPLIANCE: At next overhaul,whenever tappet replacement is necessary,orearlier at owner’s discretion

This Service Instruction is notification that tappet P/N 15B26262 is now an approved replacement for tappet P/N 15B26064. For specific engine application, refer to the latest revision of Service Instruction No. 1011.

NOTE :This tappet replacement does not apply to engines that have been converted or configured with roller tappets.

On the initial installation of tappets P/N 15B26262, you must replace all of the tappets as a complete engine set, install a new genuine Lycoming camshaft, and new genuine Lycoming hydraulic lifter plunger assemblies.

All applicable engines manufactured by Lycoming Engines after 23 .2.2012 will have tappets P/N 15B26262. Tappets P/N 15B26064 will no longer be available for purchase from Lycoming Engines.

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