Thursday, October 4, 2012

Avionics System

 An avionics system transfers, processes, displays or stores analogue or digital data using data lines, wireless or other data transmission medium, and includes the system’s components and connectors. Examples of avionics systems include the following:
1. autoflight;
2. communication and navigation;
3. instruments;
4. in-flight entertainment systems;
5. integrated modular avionics (IMA);
6. cabin systems;
7. on-board maintenance systems;
8. information systems;
9. fly-by-wire systems (related to Air Transport Association (ATA) 27 “Flight Controls”);
10. fibre optic control systems.
electrical system means the aircraft electrical power supply source, plus the distribution system to the different components contained in the aircraft and relevant connectors.
 Electrical systems are specified in Table 1. When working on cables (including coaxial cables) and connectors which are part of these electrical systems, the following typical practices are included in the privileges:
1. continuity, insulation and bonding techniques and testing;
2. crimping and testing of crimped joints;
3. connector pin removal and insertion;
4. wiring protection techniques.
lighting systems are part of the electrical system.
simple test means a test described in approved maintenance data that meets all of the following criteria:
1. the serviceability of the system can be verified using aircraft controls, switches, built-in test equipment (BITE), central maintenance computer (CMC) or external test equipment not involving special training;
2. the outcome of the test is a unique go – no go indication or parameter. No interpretation of the test result or interdependence of different values is allowed;
3. the test troubleshooting does not involve multiple LRU changes in pursuit of a system fault, unless the LRU changes are made in accordance with a published maintenance procedure (e.g. fault isolation procedure).
sub system means a system which, while capable of functioning on its own, is part of a larger system and includes, for this MOS:
1. the electrical sub system comprised of electrical parts, appliances and motors, within mechanical, powerplant and structural systems; or
2. the instrument sub system comprised of avionic systems within mechanical, powerplant and structural systems.

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