Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lycoming SB No. 603

 Lycoming issued Service Bulletin No. 603 October 4, 2012
SUBJECT: Reprint of Slick Service Bulletin SB112
MODELS AFFECTED: All Lycoming engines in Table 1 equipped with Slick 4200/6200 or
                 4300/6300 series Impulse and Direct Drive magnetos.
TIME OF COMPLIANCE: As required by Slick SB112

This Service Bulletin is notification of required action for mandatory compliance with Slick Service Bulletin No. SB112 dated 9/6/2012, regarding Lycoming engine models (Table 1) with Slick 4200/6200 or 4300/6300 Series Impulse and Direct Drive Magnetos (Serial Numbers between 11110001 thru 12030902 identified in Slick Service Bulletin SB112)
and Slick M3081 Point Kits (dated 11/1/2011 through 3/22/2012) approved for use on Lycoming engines. Slick Service Bulletin No. SB112 dated 9/6/2012 is reprinted in its entirety as follows and is current at the time Lycoming Service Bulletin No. 603 is issued. However, compliance with this Service Bulletin is to be in accordance with the latest revision of the Slick Service Bulletin.
NOTE: Reference the latest revision of Service Instruction No. 1443 for cross reference of Slick
            model numbers and Lycoming part numbers.
Table 1 identifies affected engine models, engine serial numbers, magneto part numbers and
            magneto serial numbers that were shipped from Lycoming, during the time period
           specified in Slick SB112.
Table 2 identifies affected magneto part numbers with the magneto serial number of spare part
           shipments from Lycoming during the time period specified in Slick SB112 with Serial
            Numbers between 11110001 thru 12030902. (Reference pages 5 thru 8 of Slick
            Service Bulletin SB112 for affected Slick Magneto P/N and S/N that have already been
           upgraded to comply with Slick Service Bulletin SB112).
Required Action
1. Identify whether or not you have any of the affected Slick magnetos models listed in Table 1
     installed on your Lycoming engine or in inventory.
2. Identify whether or not you have in your inventory or have installed points on any Slick
   4200/6200 or 4300/6300 series impulse coupled or direct drive magnetos using M3081
    point kits dated 11/1/2011 thru 3/22/12.
3. Comply with the instructions in the attached Slick Service Bulletin No. SB112.

If the magneto is functioning correctly, is affected by Slick SB112 and is within the Lycoming
Engine warranty period, a warranty claim for removal and installation labor and freight charges
for rework at Slick or parts and labor for point replacement plus labor for magneto removal and
installation may be filed through an authorized Lycoming distributor. Labor will be paid in
accordance with Lycoming’s current Removal and Installation Labor and Allowance Guidebook.
4. Coordinate with the magneto manufacturer to identify the replacement or repaired magneto.
5. Install the replacement magneto or repaired magneto as per instructions in the latest applicable Lycoming Engines’ Maintenance/Overhaul Manual.
6. Record any replacement activity and compliance with this Service Bulletin in the engine logbook.
For Details Check Lycoming SB No. 603 Dated 4th October 2012.
For Details Check Slick SB 1-12

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