Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lycoming SB No.533B

            Lycoming issued Mandatory Service Bulletin No. 533B dated October 4, 2012 that Supersedes Service Bulletin No. 533A)
SUBJECT: Recommended Action for Sudden Engine Stoppage, Propeller/Rotor Strike or
                     Loss of Propeller/Rotor Blade or Tip
MODELS AFFECTED: All Lycoming direct drive reciprocating aircraft engines
This Service Bulletin identifies propeller/rotor damage conditions and gives corrective action
recommendations for aircraft engines that have had propeller /rotor damage as well as any of the following:
                · Separation of the propeller/rotor blade from the hub
                 · Loss of a propeller or rotor blade tip
                 · Sudden stoppage
A propeller strike includes:
               · Any incident, whether or not the engine is operating, where repair of the propeller is
                · Any incident during engine operation where the propeller has impact on a solid object which causes a decrease in RPM and also makes a structural repair of the propeller necessary. This incident includes propeller strikes against the ground. Although the propeller can continue to rotate, damage to the engine can occur, possibly with progression to engine failure
                · Sudden RPM drop on impact to water, tall grass, or similar yielding medium where propeller damage does not usually occur
           A propeller strike can occur at taxi speeds, during touch and go operations with propeller tip ground contact. In addition, propeller strikes also include situations where an aircraft is stationary and a landing gear collapse occurs causing one or more blades to be bent, or where a hangar door (or other object) hits the propeller blade. These instances are cases of sudden engine stoppage because of potentially severe side loading on the crankshaft flange, front bearing, and seal
For Details check Lycoming Mandatory SB 533B Dated  4th October, 2012

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