Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cessna SEL-05-01 Supplemental Inspection Documents

Cessna issued Single Engine SEL-05-01 to clear doubt raised by Revision 5 of Service Manual. Cessna 152 Manual is revised                
                           1. To add the Supplemental Inspection Documents (SIDs) Information.
                           2. To add the Corrosion Prevention and Control Program (CPCP) 
                           3. To add Control Cable Inspection Information.
This SEL-05-01 is related to Supplemental Inspection Documents (SIDs)

Details of SEL-05-01

EFFECTIVITYAll Cessna Model  152,  170,

DISCUSSIONReference Model 100 Series Piston Engine Continued Airworthiness Program 
                            Manual part number D5133-13.
                                        The purpose of this service newsletter is to provide notification that some of the existing Continued Airworthiness Program (CAP) Manual structural inspections have been superseded and replaced by the same number Supplemental Structural Inspection Program (SID) inspections. The SID inspections have been incorporated into the affected Maintenance/ Service Manuals.
              To access the SID inspections online, go to CessnaSupport.com, Customer Access. Then select either the 100 Series or the 200 Series aircraft from the "My Models" section. On the appropriate model page there is a link on the right hand side under "Additional Information" for "SID Information". This will take you to all of the 100 and 200 SID documents and brochure information. Refer to TABLE 1, TABLE 2, and TABLE 3 for the CAP inspections that have been superseded and replaced by a SID inspection. Accomplishment of the superseded CAP inspection is no longer required. The superseding SID inspection shall be accomplished.
For Detail refer Cessna SEL-05-01

This SB is superseded by SEL-05-01 Rev.01 dated 14 November 2012 


FRANKLIN said...

Sir, is this apllicable to Cessna 172R? As Cessna 172R does not include CAP.

S P Singh said...

It is applicable on Cessna 172R through Rev.19 of AMM. Chapter 5 has been revised to include SID.

Orient Flight School said...

Sir, Cessna has issued SEL 05-01 Revision 1 to clear the doubts again - whether to follow the existing CAP inspections???? - Franklin R