Saturday, March 7, 2015

AD,Mod & Repair Record

        AMC M.A.305 (d) Aircraft Continuing Airworthiness Record System

       .                 The current status of AD should identify the applicable AD including revision or amendment numbers. Where an AD is generally applicable to the aircraft or component type but is not applicable to the particular aircraft or component, then thi should be identified. The AD status includes the date when the AD was accomplished, and where the AD is controlled by flight hours or flight cycles it should include the aircraft or engine or component total flight hours or cycles, as appropriate.
                      For repetitive ADs, only the last application should be recorded in the AD status. The status should also specify which part of a multi-part directive has been accomplished and the method, where a choice is available in the AD.
                      The status of current modification and repairs means a list of embodied modification and repairs together with the substantiating data supporting compliance with the airworthiness requirements. This can be in the form of a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), SB, Structural Repair Manual (SRM) or similar approved document.
            The substantiating data may include:
                      (a) compliance programme; and,
                      (b) master drawing or drawing list, production drawings, and installation instructions; and,
                     (c) engineering reports (static strength, fatigue, damage tolerance, fault analysis, etc.); and,
                     (d) ground and flight test programme and results; and,
                     (e) mass and balance change data; and,
                     (f) maintenance and repair manual supplements; and,
                     (g) maintenance programme changes and instructions for continuing airworthiness;and,
                    (h) aircraft flight manual supplement.
Some gas turbine engines are assembled from modules and a true total time in service for a total engine is not kept. When owners and operators wish to take advantage of the modular design, then total time in service and maintenance records for each module is to be maintained. The continuing airworthiness records as specified are to be kept with the module and should show compliance with any mandatory requirements pertaining to that module.

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