Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Maintenance Data

                                M.A.401 Maintenance Data
    (a) The person or organisation maintaining an aircraft shall have access to and use only applicable current maintenance data in the performance of maintenance including modifications and repairs.
    (b) For the purposes of this CAR, applicable maintenance data is:
         1. any applicable requirement, procedure, standard or information issued by DGCA,
         2. any applicable airworthiness directive,
         3. applicable instructions for continuing airworthiness, issued by type certificate  holders, supplementary type certificate holders and any other organisation that publishes such data in accordance with CAR 21.
        4. any applicable data issued in accordance with 145.A.45(d).
    (c) The person or organisation maintaining an aircraft shall ensure that all applicable  maintenance data is current and readily available for use when required. The person or organisation shall establish a work card or worksheet system to be used and shall either transcribe accurately the maintenance data onto such work cards or worksheets or make precise reference to the particular maintenance task or tasks contained in such maintenance data.
                           AMC M.A.401 (b) Maintenance Data
             1. Except as specified in sub-paragraph 2, each person or organisation performing
aircraft maintenance should have access to and use:
     a) all maintenance related CAR’s and associated AMC’s, together with the maintenance related guidance material,
     b) all applicable maintenance requirements and notices such as DGCA standards and specifications that have not been superseded by a requirement, procedure or directive,
     c) all applicable airworthiness directives,
     d) the appropriate sections of the aircraft maintenance programme, aircraft maintenance manual, repair manual, supplementary structural inspection document, corrosion control document, service bulletins, service sheets modification leaflets, non destructive inspection manual, parts catalogue, type certificate data sheets as required for the work undertaken and any other specific document issued by the type certificate or supplementary type certificate holder’s maintenance data, except that in the case of operator or customer provided maintenance data it is not necessary to hold such provided data when the work order is completed.
             2. In addition to sub-paragraph 1, for components each organisation performing aircraft maintenance should hold and use the appropriate sections of the vendor maintenance and repair manual, service bulletins and service letters plus any document issued by the type certificate holder as maintenance data on whose product the component may be fitted when applicable, except that in the case of operator or customer provided maintenance data it is not necessary to hold such provided data when the work order is completed.
                                AMC M.A.401(c) Maintenance Data
       1. Data being made available to personnel maintaining aircraft means that the data  should be available in close proximity to the aircraft or component being maintained, for mechanics and certifying staff to perform maintenance.
       2. Where computer systems are used, the number of computer terminals should be sufficient in relation to the size of the work programme to enable easy access, unless the computer system can produce paper copies. Where microfilm or microfiche readers/printers are used, a similar requirement is applicable.
       3. Maintenance tasks should be transcribed onto the work cards or worksheets and subdivided into clear stages to ensure a record of the accomplishment of the  maintenance task. Of particular importance is the need to differentiate and specify, when relevant, disassembly, accomplishment of task, reassembly and testing. In the case of a lengthy maintenance task involving a succession of personnel to complete such task, it may be necessary to use supplementary work cards or worksheets to indicate what was actually accomplished by each individual person. A worksheet or work card system should refer to particular maintenance tasks.
      4. The workcard/worksheet system may take the form of, but is not limited to, the following:
               • a format where the AME writes the defect and the maintenance action taken together with information of the maintenance data used, including its revision status,
               • an aircraft log book that contains the reports of defects and the actions taken by authorised personnel together with information of the maintenance data used, including its revision status,
              • for maintenance checks, the checklist issued by the manufacturer
       5. Maintenance data should be kept up to date by:
                 -subscribing to the applicable amendment scheme,
                 -checking that all amendments are being received,
                  -monitoring the amendment status of all data.

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