Saturday, March 21, 2015

Unsalvageable Components

       1. The following types of components should typically be classified as unsalvageable:
            a) components with non-repairable defects, whether visible or not to the naked eye;
            b) components that do not meet design specifications, and cannot be brought into conformity with such specifications;
           c) components subjected to unacceptable modification or rework that is irreversible;
           d) certified life-limited parts that have reached or exceeded their certified life limits, or have missing or incomplete records;
           e) components that cannot be returned to airworthy condition due to exposure to
extreme forces, heat or adverse environment;
           f) components for which conformity with an applicable airworthiness directive cannot be accomplished;
           g) components for which continuing airworthiness records and/or traceability to the manufacturer can not be retrieved.
      2. It is common practice for possessors of aircraft components to dispose of  unsalvageable  components by selling, discarding, or transferring such items. In some instances, these items have reappeared for sale and in the active parts inventories of the aviation community. Misrepresentation of the status of components and the practice of making such items appear serviceable has resulted in the use of unsalvageable nonconforming components. Therefore organisations disposing of unsalvageable aircraft components should consider the possibility of such components later being misrepresented and sold as serviceable components. Caution should be exercised to ensure that  unsalvageable components are disposed of in a manner that does not allow them to be returned to service.
AMC M.A.504 (c) Control of Unserviceable Components

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