Sunday, March 8, 2015

Service life-limited components

              The term ‘service life-limited components’ embraces: 
                                        (i) components subject to a certified life limit after which the components should be retired, and 
                                        (ii) components subject to a service life limit after which the components should undergo maintenance to restore their serviceability.
            The current status of service life-limited aircraft components should indicate:
                                       i. for components subject to a certified life limit: the component life limitation, total number of hours, accumulated cycles or calendar time and the number of
hours/cycles/time remaining before the required retirement time of the component is reached;
                                      ii. for components subject to a service life limit: the component service life limit, the hours, cycles or calendar time since the component has been restored back to their service life and the remaining service (hours, cycles, calendar time) life before the
components need to undergo maintenance. 
            Any action that alters the components’ life limit (certified or service) or changes the parameter of the life limit (certified or service) should be recorded. 
          When the determination of the remaining life requires knowledge of the different types of aircraft/engine on which the component has previously been installed, the status of all service-life limited aircraft components should additionally include a full installation history indicating the number of hours, cycles or calendar time relevant to each installation on these different types of aircraft/engine. 
           The indication of the type of aircraft/engine should be sufficiently detailed with regard to the required determination of remaining life.
           Recommendations from the type certificate holder on the procedures to record the remaining life may be considered

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