Monday, March 9, 2015

Tech Record Maintenance

               When an owner/operator arranges for the relevant maintenance organisation to retain copies of the continuing airworthiness records on their behalf, the owner/operator will continue to be responsible for the retention of records. If they cease to be the owner/operator of the aircraft, they also remain responsible for the transferring the records to any other person who becomes the owner/operator of the aircraft.
               Keeping continuing airworthiness records in a form acceptable to DGCA normally
means in paper form or on a computer database or a combination of both methods.
Records stored in microfilm or optical disc form are also acceptable. 
              All records should remain legible throughout the required retention period. Paper systems should use robust material, which can withstand normal handling and filing.
             Computer systems should have at least one backup system, which should be
updated at least within 24 hours of any maintenance. Each terminal is required to contain programme safeguards against the ability of unauthorised personnel to alter the database.
              Continuing airworthiness records should be stored in a safe way with regard to
damage, alteration and theft. 
             Computer backup discs, tapes etc., should be stored in a different location from that containing the current working discs, tapes, etc. and in a safe environment. 
              Reconstruction of lost or destroyed records can be done by reference to other records which reflect the time in service, research of records maintained by repair facilities and reference to records maintained by individual mechanics etc. When these things have been done and the record is still incomplete, the owner/operator may make a statement in the new record describing the loss and establishing the time in service based on the research and the best estimate of time in service. 
             The reconstructed records should be submitted to DGCA for acceptance. The DGCA may require the performance of additional maintenance if not satisfied with the reconstructed records.
AMC M.A.305 (h) Aircraft Continuing Airworthiness Record System

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