Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Occurrence Reporting

          (a) Any person or organisation responsible in accordance with point M.A.201 shall report to DGCA, the organisation responsible for the type design or supplemental type design and, if applicable, by Airworthiness Authority of the State of Registry, any identified condition of an aircraft or component which endangers flight safety.
              (b) Reports shall be made in a manner established by DGCA and contain all pertinent information about the condition known to the person or organisation.
              (c) Where the person or organisation maintaining the aircraft is contracted by an owner or an operator to carry out maintenance, the person or the organisation maintaining the aircraft shall also report to the owner, the operator or the CAMO any such condition affecting the owner's or the operator's aircraft or component.
              (d) Reports shall be made as soon as practicable, but in any case within 72 hours of the person or organisation identifying the condition to which the report relate                  AMC M.A.202 (a) Occurrence Reporting                                                              Accountable persons or organisations should ensure that the type certificate (TC) holder receives adequate reports of occurrences for that aircraft type, to enable it to issue appropriate service instructions and recommendations to all owners or soperators. Liaison with the TC holder is recommended to establish whether published or proposed service information will resolve the problem or to obtain a solution to a particular problem. An approved continuing airworthiness management or maintenance organisation should  assign responsibility for co-ordinating action on airworthiness occurrences and for initiating   any necessary further investigation and follow-up activity to a suitably qualified person with clearly defined authority a..nd status. In respect of maintenance, reporting a condition which endangers flight safety the aircraft is normally limited to:
        - serious cracks, permanent deformation, burning or serious corrosion of structure found during scheduled maintenance of the aircraft or component.
       - failure of any emergency system during scheduled testing.
             AMC M.A.202 (b) Occurrence Reporting
The reports may be transmitted by any method i.e. electronically, by post or by facsimile.
Each report should contain at least the following information:
          - Reporter or organisation’s name and approval reference if applicable,
         - Information necessary to identify the subject aircraft and/or component,
         - date and time relative to any life or overhaul limitation in terms of flying hours/ cycles/ landings etc. as appropriate,
        - details of the occurrence.

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