Friday, March 20, 2015

Unserviceable Components

            a) A component shall be considered unserviceable in any one of the following
                    1. expiry of the service life limit as defined in the maintenance program;
                    2. non-compliance with the applicable airworthiness directives and other
continued airworthiness requirement mandated by DGCA;
                   3. absence of the necessary information to determine the airworthiness status or eligibility for installation;
                   4. evidence of defects or malfunctions;
                   5. involvement in an incident or accident likely to affect its serviceability.
            b) Unserviceable components shall be identified and stored in a secure location
under the control of an approved maintenance organisation until a decision is made on the future status of such component. Nevertheless, for aircraft not used in commercial air transport other than large aircraft, the person or organisation that declared the component unserviceable may transfer its custody, after identifying it as unserviceable, to the aircraft owner provided that such transfer is reflected in the aircraft logbook or engine logbook or component logbook.’
           c) Components which have reached their certified life limit or contain a non repairable
defect shall be classified as unsalvageable and shall not be permitted to re-enter the component supply system, unless certified life limits have been extended or a repair solution has been approved according to M.A.304.
           d) Any person or organisation accountable under CAR-M shall, in the case of a
paragraph (c) unsalvageable components:
                 1. retain such component in the paragraph (b) location, or;
                 2. arrange for the component to be mutilated in a manner that ensures that it is
beyond economic salvage or repair before relinquishing responsibility for such component.
           e) Notwithstanding paragraph (d) a person or organisation accountable under CAR M
may transfer responsibility of components classified as unsalvageable to an organisation for training or research without mutilation.

 M.A.504 - Control of Unserviceable Components

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