Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Basic Examination

        1.1 All basic examinations must be carried out using the multiple choice question.
        1.2 Each multiple choice questions must have more than two alternative answers
of which only one must be the correct answer and the candidate shall be allowed
a time per module which is based upon a nominal average of 75 seconds per question.
        1.3 The pass mark for CAR-66 module and sub-module multiple choice part of the
examination is 75%.
        1.4 Penalty marking systems is not used to determine whether a candidate has
        1.5 A failed module may not be retaken for at least 90 days following the date of the
failed module examination. except in the case of an approved maintenance
training organisation which conducts a course of retraining tailored to the failed
subjects in the particular module. In such case, the failed module may be retaken
after 30 days.
        1.6 The time periods required by point 66.A.25 apply to each individual module examination, with the exception of those module examinations which were passed as part of another category licence, where the licence has already been issued
        1.7 The maximum number of consecutive attempts for each module is three. Further
sets of three attempts are allowed with a 1 year waiting period between sets.
        1.8 The applicant shall confirm in writing to the DGCA for an examination, the number
and dates of attempts during the last year where these attempts took place.

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