Friday, April 29, 2016

Maintenance experience - Duration

                  The 6 months maintenance experience in 2 years should be understood as consisting of two elements, duration and nature of the experience. The minimum to meet the requirements for these elements may vary depending on the size and complexity of the aircraft and type of operation and maintenance.
      1. Duration: Within an approved maintenance organization:
      6 months continuous employment within the same organisation; or                   6 months split up into different blocks, employed within the same or in  different organisations.
              The 6 months period can be replaced by 100 days of maintenance experience in accordance with the privileges, whether these have been performed within an approved
organisation or as independent certifying staff according to M.A.801 (b) 2 or as a combination  thereof.  When certifying staff maintains and releases aircraft in accordance with M.A.801 (b)  2,   in certain circumstances this number of days may even be reduced by 50% when agreed in advance by the DGCA. These circumstances consider the cases where the holder of a CAR-66 licence happens to be the owner of an aircraft and carries out maintenance on his own aircraft, or where a licence holder maintains an aircraft operated for low utilization, that does not allow the licence holder to accumulate the
required experience. This reduction should not be combined with the 20% reduction permitted when carrying out technical support, or maintenance planning, continuing airworthiness management or engineering activities. To avoid a too long period without experience, the working days should be spread over the intended 6 months period.

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