Sunday, April 17, 2016

Simple test

           Simple test means a test described in approved maintenance data and meeting all the following criteria:
       The serviceability of the system can be verified using aircraft controls, switches,
Built-in Test Equipment (BITE), Central Maintenance Computer (CMC) or external
test equipment not involving special training.
       The outcome of the test is a unique go–no go indication or parameter, which can
be a single value or a value within an interval tolerance. No interpretation of the
test result or interdependence of different values is allowed.
       The test does not involve more than 10 actions as described in the approved
maintenance data (not including those required to configure the aircraft prior to
the test, i.e. jacking, flaps down, etc., or to return the aircraft to its initial configuration).
Pushing a control, switch or button, and reading the corresponding outcome
may be considered as a single step even if the maintenance data shows them

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