Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Certification privileges restriction

                  AME may not  exercise  certification privileges unless:

   1. in compliance with the applicable requirements of CAR M and/or CAR 145 ; and
   2. in the preceding two year period he/she has either acquired six months of maintenance experience in accordance with the privileges granted by the AMEL or met the provision for the issue of appropriate privileges;and 
    3. he/she has the adequate competence to certify maintenance on the corresponding aircraft; and 

   4. he/she is able to read, write and communicate to an understandable level  in the language(s) in which the technical documentation and procedures necessary to support the issue of the certificate of release to service are written.

1. Holders of a CAR-66 aircraft maintenance licence may not exercise certification privileges
unless they have a general knowledge of the language used within the maintenance
environment including knowledge of common aeronautical terms in the language.
The level of knowledge should be such that the licence holder is able to:
-read and understand the instructions and technical manuals in use within the
 make written technical entries and any maintenance documentation entries, which can   be understood by those with whom they are normally required to communicate;
 read and understand the maintenance organisation procedures;
 communicate at such a level as to prevent any misunderstanding when exercising certification privileges.
2. In all cases, the level of understanding should be compatible with the level of certification
privileges exercised.

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