Friday, April 15, 2016

Basic Knowledge Exam

              An applicant for AMEL shall demonstrate by examination, a level of knowledge in the appropriate subject modules
          The basic knowledge examination shall be conducted by CEO of DGCA. 
           Training courses and examinations shall be passed within 10 years prior to the application for an AMEL
       Should this not be the case, examination credits may however be obtained in accordance with point (c)
           (c) The applicant may apply to the DGCA for full or partial examination credit to the basic knowledge requirements for
                         1. basic knowledge examinations that do not meet the requirement described in point (b) above; and
                         2. any other technical qualification considered by the DGCA to be equivalent to the knowledge standard of CAR -66 Credits shall be granted in accordance with APM Chapter 17.
                d) Credits expire 10 years after they were granted to the applicant by the DGCA. The applicant may apply for new credits after expiration.

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