Monday, April 25, 2016

Type Training - Theoretical

                Aircraft type training shall consist of theoretical training and examination, and, except for the category C ratings, practical training and assessment.
               Theoretical training and examination shall comply with the following requirements:
                   (i) Shall be conducted by a maintenance training organisation appropriately                                approved in accordance with CAR-147 or, when conducted by other                                        organisations, as directly approved by the DGCA.
                   (ii) Shall comply, except as permitted by the differences training                            
                                     - the relevant elements defined in the mandatory part of the                                                        operational suitability data established in accordance with CAR 66                                            or the standard described in point 3.1 of this Appendix, and
                                     - the type training examination standard described in point 4.1 of                                                Appendix III
                  (iv) Shall have been started and completed within the 3 years preceding the                                  application for a type rating endorsement.

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