Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Application for AMEL

        a) An application for AMEL or change to such licence shall be made on CA Form 19-01/02 with necessary  documents and fees to DGCA 
       b) applicant for additional categories or sub-categories to AMEL shall submit his/her current original AMEL to the DGCA together with CA Form 19-02.
       c) Each application shall be supported by documentation to demonstrate compliance with the applicable theoretical knowledge, practical training, experience and skill test requirements at the time of application.
AMC 66.A.10 Application
                  1. Maintenance experience should be written in a manner that the reader has a reasonable understanding of where, when and what maintenance constitutes the experience.
A task by task account is not necessary but at the same time a blank statement
“X year’s maintenance experience completed” is not acceptable. A log book of maintenance experience is desirable and be kept. It is acceptable to cross refer in the CA
Form 19-01 to other documents containing information on maintenance.
                2. Applicants claiming the maximum reduction in 66.A.30 (a) total experience based upon having successfully completed approved basic training should include the certificate
of approval with its validity schedule of the training establishment.
               3. Applicants claiming reduction in 66.A.30 (a) total experience based upon having successfully completed technical training in an organization or institute recognized by DGCA as a competent organization or institute should include the relevant certificate of successful completion of training.

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