Monday, April 18, 2016

Maintenance Experience

                        For category A certifying staff, the experience should include exercising the privileges, by means of performing tasks related to the authorization on at least one aircraft type for each licence subcategory. This means tasks as mentioned in AMC 145.A.30 (g), including servicing, component changes and simple defect rectifications.
                       For category B1 and B2, for every aircraft type rating included in the authorization the experience should be on that particular aircraft or on a similar aircraft within the same licence sub-category. Two aircraft can be considered as similar when they have similar technology, construction and comparable systems, which means equally equipped with the following (as applicable to the licence category):
         (a) Propulsion systems (piston or turboprop or turbofan or turboshaft or jet-engine or push propellers); and
         (b) Flight control systems (only mechanical controls or hydro-mechanically powered controls or electro-mechanically powered controls); and
         (c) Avionic systems (analog systems or digital systems); and
         (d) Structure (manufactured of metal or composite or wood).
For licences endorsed with (sub)group ratings:
          In the case of B1 licence endorsed with (sub) group ratings (either manufacturer sub group or full (sub ) group) as defined in 66.A.45(g) the holder may show experience on at least one aircraft type per (sub ) group and per aircraft structure (metal, composite, wood).
       In the case of a B2 licence endorsed with (sub )group ratings (either manufacturer group or full (sub) group) as defined in 66.A.45 (g) the holder may show experience on at least one aircraft type per (sub) group.


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